Generate More Appointments For Your Counseling Business!

Grow your practice with constant flow of leads & appointments!

  • Always stay on top when someone is searching for your business (Google Ads).
  • Become a social media icon and local favorite in social media. (Social Page Management)
  • Retain and Re-engage website visitors and past clients. (Retargeting)

You want more appointments for your practice

You'd like to reach local clients through their mobile devices.

You would absolutely love it if your calendar is full of virtual counseling appointments.

There's only one problem.

To achieve those things, you need to find a solution that works to bring clients all the time!.

And typically, that means It also requires you to learn landing page design, running ads, tracking conversions, and optimize!.

But Admit it, you are not a marketer and you have no time to learn these things.

You don't know how to design your service pages to book appointments.

You don't know how to track conversions and make sure your ads bring results.

Until now, that only left you with a few options:

You don't know how to create landing pages, integrated booking calendar, and run ads that work. So keep it stay this way and stay with whatever you get.

Hire an Agency to do complete redesign of your website, run marketing for you and pay them thousand for flashy reports without actually making a profit.

Work with someone who will deliver results while not spending thousands on a mere website redesign. They will be quick to implement a simple, systematic marketing approach.

Most of our clients selected option 3

The results are phenomenal:

  • They started getting appointments and great value for their advertising dollars
  • Appointment booking increased to bring more revenue without investing in a hefty website.
  • Retargeting campaigns ensuring none of the prospects are falling through and stay engaged.
  • More referrals for happy customers and better reviews on your social profiles.

See, some simple adjustments can make a huge difference to transform a therapy business.

Therapist/Conuselor websites are a mess! Over the year, therapist and counselor websites didn't need ton of updates because of the need for one to one counselling. Website's didn't play a vital part. But now, when everything is going remote, most websites are falling short to attract clients and giving them proper option to find and reach their local therapists/counsellors.


With Our Advertising System, you can finally be able to reach your local customers and attract them to book an appointment .

Our solution is perfect for -

  • Marriage counselors
  • Couples Counselors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Message Therapists

And all professionals in consulting or counseling services.

More importantly, Therapist/Counselor Marketing System will:

  • Save countless hours figuring out how to reach local customers online.
  • Save ton of money by finally allowing you to fire your marketing agency that is not working.
  • Help to forget about all technical mumbo-jumbo but focus on results.
  • Make you go-to therapist in your local area.

At Prime Point Digital, We don't do expensive website redesigns for your business to break your bank. Instead we focus on making sure your investment is making you money.

The simple process consist 3 parts-

  • Build Targeted Landing Pages to Guarantee More Leads: We eliminate unnecessary noise and need of investment for developing websites that doesn't work.
  • Target High Intent Keywords: Target keywords to bring constant leads and clients.
  • Social Media Page Engagement:  Through regular monitoring and engagements, we slowly make you the go to practice in your local area.

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Discover how we can turn it around for you and transform your business with more leads and clients.

We know you might be skeptical, That's why we provide a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We understand it might be difficult to trust us without seeing what we can do. That's why we offer a bold guarantee - 30 Days Money Back if we fail to bring you appointments/leads.

Our marketing system is based on Paid Advertising  and you will require to have at least $500 Ad spend budget (Apart from our management fee) to work with us. However, because that money goes to Google/Paid Ad Sources, we can not provide a refund on it but we will refund you our fee for the service.

We offer a full service marketing instead of charging you individually for each elements to save you thousands on your marketing efforts. Its all inclusive where you also surprise you with free bonuses like, Free SEO for 3 Months (Get more organic leads), Free Social Media Management and More. Let's see how much you will save when you will work with us -

Other companies charge $1,000 for Setup Fee & Minimum $550 for Paid Ad Management
We Charge $0 Setup and a Small Management Fee each month (You are saving at least $1200!)

Other companies charge at least $900 per month for SEO

You get 3 month's free SEO with us and then only $349 per month if you are happy (Saving you $2700 at the beginning)

Other companies charge at least $297 per month for Social Page Management

You get 1 month's free page management with us and then only $197 per month if you are happy (Saving you $1200 in year)

Other companies charge at least $350 for each landing page!
Its always free with us as long as you run paid ads!

Total Saving when you switch to us: 

Estimated: $14,412

Here's a "What You Get" When You Work with Us

  • Proven Landing Pages to Generate Leads (Agencies charge $350 for each, yours included)
  • Complete Campaign Research and Build (Agencies charge $1,000 Setup fee, yours included)
  • Continuous management and monitoring for your ads.
  • Call Tracking & Recording to ensure lead quality.
  • Detailed Reporting & Plans
  • Retargeting Ads (Agencies charge $500, yours included)

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